Simon Breed

Simon Breed has sufficient poetical heart and physical presence to frighten the trousers off unsuspecting bystanders. And would-be peers, we think. Add to this surfeit of blessings, a voice that renders his poetry terrifyingly real and disturbing, yet tender-hearted, warm and darkly, strangely, bizarrely funny and you have a rare and mercurial talent indeed.

Simon has released two solo albums that are available on iTunes in 'The Filth and Wonder of...' and 'The Smitten King Laments' and we warmly encourage you to sample their delights. 

Simon is planning some low-key dates in the UK over the coming months, the videos above bear testament to his voice and presence, standing in on vocals for both The Triffids and the The Sound respectively.

We eagerly await the return of The Smitten King...