About Us

Popianosz - Recorded Words & Sound Ltd (or pop-Z to you and I) is a company incorporated in London, England whose function is to promote the work and interests of a small roster of musical artists. 

pop-Z facilitates the production, manufacture, promotion and sale of their musical and artistic endeavours . 

The profit imperative is not present at pop-Z.

This is an artistic endeavour that encompasses the necessary commercial structures and mechanisms required to distribute the Artists' work to as wide an audience as possible. We pay the Artists from the revenues generated and our own associated and relevant costs like recording, manufacture, marketing et al.

Any profits that pop-Z make will be used to record and distribute more music or other creative activities with it's artists.  

We aim to profit in ways other than financial. 

We hope that you will profit from listening to and experiencing their work too, come and join us in The Loft Of Wonder.

Not physically, though.