Monolith Cocktail review for 'Till It's Over'

Posted May 22 2014
'Hot on the heels of, perhaps one of the Monolith’s favourite singles of 2014, ‘My Heroine’, and the equally delightful witty pastoral pop of the Blood & Brambles LP that spawned it, is this latest twee paean, ‘Till It’s Over’. 

Wistfully capturing Neil Hannon’s Divine Comedy and The Bonzo Dog Do-Dah Band, the reincarnated Deviant and progenitor of some of the Britpop and later period’s most esoterically humorous bands, has one foot in the crooner camp, the other in debunked nostalgia. 

Crafted to perfection as always, waltzing to a happy-go-lucky European romanticised etched Billy Childish backdrop, Till It’s Over is as charismatic as you’d expect and enjoyable as you’d expect. Another supreme pop nugget, and damn sight less melancholic than Richard Hawley.'