'Till It's Over - The Sunday Experience review

Posted May 15 2014

Getting beyond the ridiculous now for here’s another drop dead dansette dandy this time courtesy of Mikey Georgeson and the Civilised Scene. The fourth single via pop-z by all accounts which for us depressingly means we’ve missed three thus far but hey ho there’s the promise of three more in the forthcoming three months. Is this dude mad or what. ‘till it’s over’ – blimey what can I say – quite possibly the most perfect thing on planet pop right now and something that ought to be tuned into immediately by all those of you who’ve lain awake at night imagining Divine Comedy rummaging through a Bacharach and David sonic cook book channelling Anthony Newley and Tony Christie, an outsider brat pack carousel dreamt up by Jarvis Cocker swirled in cabaret, big stage, big band, lush symphonic noir sophistication all drizzled in a glitzy easy pop 60’s classicism.

-Mark Barton