New video for 'Blackberries'

Posted March 23 2014


You are about to witness the Simon Love-directed video of 'Blackberries' taken from the album 'Blood & Brambles' filmed in Mikey's kitchen last autumn. Asked for their post-filming comments, the enigmatic Mr Love was heard to remark '...yeah, the crumble was surprisingly tasty...'.

Mr Georgeson spoke directly to your humble narrator at pop-Z TV saying, 'Now at last something to do with the blackberries you put in the freezer in the Autumn! Sexy cookery!'. 

The music reviewer Listen With Monger had this to say about 'Blackberries' - '...Oh, and horns. Gorgeous, gorgeous horns blasting out like thick, treacly, sexy custard all over the aforementioned blackberries. That's right, sexy custard. Deal with it....'. Nigella herself couldn't have put it better. Full review here -

A delightfully piquant observation in our (cookery) book...

Did You See What I Did There?



Papa Nosz