'Blood & Brambles' - UK & European digital release today!!!

Posted March 11 2014

The new album from Mikey Georgeson and his band The Civilised Scene, 'Blood & Brambles' is released in the UK today on the pop-Z label. It's available from the usual main digital stores and also at Bandcamp -https://mikeygeorgeson.bandcamp.com/

The track listing is Curtains of Zagra/Sometimes/Blackberries/Turn For The Worse/My Heart Bleeds/Level Is Complete/My Heroine/I See What You Did There/You're Telling Me/Briony/Secrets of Zagra and is the output from two glorious weeks recording at Lynch Mob Studios in London last summer under the watchful production eye (and whip) of David M Allen who's production credits on some of the most amazing records of the past thirty years stretches from here to...well, you get the idea.

Supporting Mikey on this album were an amazing bunch of musicians and all-round excellent humans, Simon Breed, Ben Handysides, Arec Koundarjian, Simon Love, Iain McCallum and Nathan Thomas. The boundless energy and enthusiasm of Max Heyes and his engineering skill helped make the process of recording this album both inspiring and hugely enjoyable.

It's taken (a little) longer to release than we at pop-Z originally thought, but we're absolutely convinced it was worth the wait for this fantastic record by Mikey and friends. We hope you like it too.