Mikey Georgeson - London Show

Posted January 22 2014

This is the place to be to banish that post-Valentine ennui.

Mikey will be playing live songs from his forthcoming (release date 11th March 2014) album 'Blood & Brambles' with his band the outstanding Civilised Scene. They are ably supported by Simon Love & The Old Romantics whose new album is due out later this year on Fortuna Pop.

Admission is free, but to support the amazing Kids Company charity we'll be raffling some of Mikey's original artwork, signed by himself and all monies raised from this will go directly to the charity. Mikey tells us that other Artists are generously donating works to this charity event also - will update https://www.facebook.com/pages/pop-Z/319791708147822 when we have more details.

As usual we'll have the pop-Z pop-up shop at the gig so you can buy Mikey's 'Candy Floss' single and maybe even a pre-release copy of the new album!!! DJ inexpertly will be Mac and expert DJing by Simon Love so groovy sounds shall abound.

Tell your friends! Tell your enemies!

We love everybody!!